Evy Diamond & Shannon Shaw

Shannon was a loving father and husband who died from malignant melanoma on August 31, 2009. He had been a patient of the old UNM Cancer Center. He was the supervising petroleum engineer for the Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe with oversight responsibilities in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

As brilliant, sophisticated, and good a man as he was, Shannon refused to listen to his wife, Christine, or his mother, Evy Diamond, to have a doctor examine a nasty mole on his hip. Several years after they began nagging him, he finally saw a dermatologist who diagnosed stage IV melanoma. He fought the battle with surgery, radiation, and chemo for about a year before he died. He told his children, Jacob and Marlena, “listen to your mom.” He asked his wife and mother to launch a campaign to help others avoid the pain suffered by his loved ones because of the stubbornness.

The mission of The Shannon J. Shaw Memorial Cancer Fund:

Shannon's family and friends established a fund in his memory at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center which opened the day of his death to establish educational programs, and clinics, in medically under-served communities for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

Shannon's parents, Jeff and Evy Diamond, are funding today's program with enormous volunteer help from lawyers and physicians and many friends so that 100% of your continuing education cost will go to the Shannon J. Shaw Memorial Fund at UNM Cancer Center Foundation.

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